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The Churchill Bar Team



The Churchill Bar & Terrace is an exquisite bar with a deeply glamorous, seasonally themed private terrace at Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill. With its own entrance on Portman Square and a dazzling menu of classic and craft cocktails, this stunning bar is securing its status as London’s next destination bar. The hotel was named after Sir Winston Churchill following his death in 1965 and his extended family has given their blessing to the bar and terrace being named after their eminent ancestor and have also contributed to the décor of the bar.


The Inspiration

Winston Churchill's extended family gave us their blessing to name the bar after their eminent ancestor and from that day, with the Churchill family's help, we are proud to have created a glamorous destination bar that a young Churchill and his beloved wife Clementine would have enjoyed visiting.


The Design

The design recognises, by way of contemporary touches, references to Churchill’s life in photography and art, in love and lifestyle and in travel and animals. Black & white photographs, original love letters and soft toy animals adorn the shelves.



The secret to a good cocktail is based on a carefully selected blend of spirits and its accompanying ingredients. But it is our human spirit that will transform that good cocktail into an unforgettable experience.

Our team is a blend of experiences, backgrounds and above all; personalities. From award-winning bartenders and waiters, coffee lovers and foodies to cigar aficionados and people lovers, we are here to serve your appetite.


Eve Vasileiadou
Bar Manager

With over 15 years of experience in the bar industry, Eve was part of the team that re-opened the Churchill Bar & Terrace five years ago and has spent over a decade developing her career and pushing the limits of her imagination in mixology. Eve herself has sat on judging panels for competitions such as the Meridian Bar Tenders League and was nominated as one of three finalists for Class Magazine’s Best Bar Manager awards in 2017.


Daniele Bresciani
Assistant Bar Manager

Daniele has developed a range of innovative and classic cocktails, inspired by Winston Churchill and his beloved wife Clementine – using creative presentation and sustainable ingredients sourced in the UK to weave in their stories. Daniele has been nominated within the top three of Class Magazine’s UK Best Emerging Bartender category and the bar and terrace has won multiple awards, including; AA Hospitality Spirit Award and The Time Out Love Awards for the most loved local bar in Marylebone.


Giacomo Guarnera
Head Bartender

With over 10 years of experience in the bar industry, Giacomo has completed a wide variety of reputable industry courses and competitions including; the Diageo World Class Competition, the Cava Cup Competition, WSET and a professional bartending course. Most notably, Giacomo was recently shortlisted as one of the UK’s top 100 bartenders as part of the Diageo Reserve World Class.

Attitude is a little thing, that makes a big difference
— Sir Winston Churchill


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