Shades of Winston Churchill


The autumn/winter cocktail menu, launching on November 14th, has been crafted with great ingenuity, adventure and imagination, with cocktail lovers treated to a captivating and sensory experience with each sip.

Creative cocktail pairing

Experience a repertoire of cocktails that are inspired by the different facets of Churchill and classic British food duos. The cocktail named after his heroic role leading the country, ‘Prime Minister’, is inspired by the iconic British flavour combination of egg and cress, and the curious cocktail ‘The Traveller’ is a unique twist on a food pairing loved by the nation – jacket potatoes and baked beans.

We have a cocktail on the menu to suit every discerning drinkers’ tastes, from the more experimental drinker to those looking for an indulgent warming winter cocktail.

Rebecca Lexa